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It’s funny working in the Internet industry, there must have been days I didn’t even write one single word on paper. Therefore, I decided to handwrite a blog post. And to be honest, I didn’t like it very much. It takes a whole lot of time to scan the thing, way much longer than typing a post!

Handwritten Blog Post


For those of you who are having trouble reading my handwriting (including myself and you search bots!) here you go:

  • If I handwrite a blog post, will it rank lower in search engines because the search bot can’t read it?
  • When applying for a job before the digital era, did people mention how many words they can write per minute instead of keystrokes?
  • I love this Flickr pool about handwritten blogs.
  • Life would be easier if companies and government agencies would accept a digital scan of my signature more often!
  • Has anyone tried turning their handwriting into a font through

So, what about your handwriting?

HansMy Handwritten Blog Post

2 Comments on “My Handwritten Blog Post”

  1. Ashlee

    Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog. Handwriting is so oldschool… as for the “writing speed”, I think it definitely would have been on people’s CVs, except it probably would be their shorthand speed, especially for receptionist types. As part of my journalism training, I had to undertake the very arduous and old school task of learning teeline shorthand so that I could write at 120 words a minute… typing fast is a much easier skill to acquire! Learning shorthand was just soooooo boring!

  2. Hans

    Thanks for the comment, Ashlee. I had never heard of shorthand. Just found out that it’s a technique to transcribe spoken words using symbols to form the outline of a word rather than spelling it out. Also read that it takes about a year to master it.., ouch!

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