Using the KPS U-13C Magnifying Eyepiece

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The viewfinder on my Canon 400D digital SLR is just too small. It makes me squint and it’s not big enough to use manual focus comfortably. So I hit the web to see what can be done about it and found out that I needed a magnifying eyepiece. There’s the Olympus ME-1 (1.2x magnification) and Nikon DK-21M (1.15x) which supposedly fit Canon cameras.

But, having read some reviews online, I decided to go with the lesser-known KPS U-13C Magnifying Eyepiece from a Korean company called Seculine, which offers 1.35x magnification. I bought the one with two different eyecups from eBay for some €40 including shipping.

Am I happy with the KPS U-13C? Yes, I am:

  • Nice and solid build quality;
  • Fits tightly on the camera;
  • Noticeable 1.35x magnification;
  • Packaged with adapter pads, screws, and screwdriver, there’s no need for any DIY modifications;
  • Sharp;
  • Reasonably priced.

Any negatives about the KPS U-13C? Well, not really, it’s just a simple eyepiece after all.

As you can see, the eyepiece is compatible with most popular brands (including Fentax!) and camera models through the three different adapter pads that come delivered with it:


Do you use a magnifying eyepiece? What are your experiences? Please share in the comments.

Next up on my wishlist is a focusing screen, any advice?

HansUsing the KPS U-13C Magnifying Eyepiece

4 Comments on “Using the KPS U-13C Magnifying Eyepiece”

  1. Hans

    Hi Jan, thanks for visiting. I bought the item from a seller called thisisde1. Hope he still has some for you, good luck!

  2. Hans Doddema

    Hello Don, thank you for dropping by. I’m not a Nikon user, but I assume that if it works on the D200 as indicated on the packaging, it’ll also work for the D300? Hope that helps.

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